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If you and your family are planning to move to or from Pennsylvania, we have provided helpful and interesting information that will be perfect for you to know as future residents of Pennsylvania, or as a former resident saying goodbye. One interesting fact that makes Pennsylvania exciting is why it is known as the keystone state. During the colonial era, Pennsylvania was in the middle of the thirteen colonies. Because of its central location, it earned the nickname, the keystone state.

Pennsylvania was recognized as the key to how the colonies cooperated. Additionally, three major historical events occurred in Pennsylvania- that are key to the United States government. Both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were both executed in Philadelphia, and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address took place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We are Pennsylvania interstate movers that offer long lasting moving solutions if you need to relocate long distance at an affordable price.

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Pennsylvania is now more appealing to move to than ever, and if you are planning an interstate move there, this will be great news. The keystone state is home to 21 of the fortune 500 companies, which includes Comcast, Rite Aid, AmerisourceBergen, Kraft-Heinz, PNC Financial Services, and more. Pennsylvania also makes transitioning to Pennsylvania less stressful as their Department of Transportation allows for more time to exchange your driver’s license. The most common time frame among most states is 30 days to change your driver’s license. In Pennsylvania, you get 60 days.

Other great news about moving to Pennsylvania is that home rental cost is lower than most states. According to the 2019 Fair Market Rent Documentation System from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for Pennsylvania, the lowest rent cost for a one-bedroom home in the state is $596 a month. The lowest rent for a 4-bedroom home in the state is $992. The highest one-bedroom rent cost in the state is an equal $992, and the highest rent cost for a 4-bedroom house in Pennsylvania is $1,822. (HUD Pennsylvania).

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Another great asset that Pennsylvania offers its residents is four beautiful seasons. Because of the variety of foliage in Pennsylvania, when the seasons change, residents get to witness an array of trees changing colors during fall and blooming in the spring. Pennsylvania’s abundance of arbor includes the Eastern Hemlock, which are giant evergreens and the Pennsylvania state tree. The Sugar Maple, the Eastern Red cedar, the Sumac, or “Tree of Heaven,” the Eastern White Pine, the Black or “Swamp” Ash, the Sweet or “Cherry” or “Black” Birch and the Flowering Dogwood.

If your moving plans to Pennsylvania have not been determined and time is running out, there are some essential things to remember to place high on the priority list when moving to Pennsylvania. Plan ahead and get help from a professional moving company. Professional movers will not only move everything for you safely and quickly but will handle the packing and organizing your valuables.

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Our Pennsylvania long distance moving services can help you pack, organize, and have your valuables arrive in perfect condition. Independence Van Lines is licensed and insured as an interstate moving company, and we have decades of combined experience in the moving industry. For long-distance relocation, our focus is on protecting your belongings and quality of service. No matter how far you are moving, we’ve got you covered from the beginning to the end of your new destination.

Since there are such great reasons to move to Pennsylvania, moving there can be easier if you let the professionals guide you on how to move and what not to forget. Our staff is very familiar with all of the regulations that are set for Pennsylvania interstate movers and truck drivers. Our staff is also ready to help you determine how much money it will cost and how much we can save you on that cost. Our professional moving representatives are on standby and available to speak with you today.

Are you interested in our interstate moving services? Receive an instant quote from a relocation specialist to find out the exact cost of your move.