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The Mid-Atlantic state of New Jersey plays a prominent role in America’s cultural nexus. Sitting between New York and the Atlantic Ocean, the Garden State is the cradle of several modern innovations, music, sports, and food. Despite these and other great stuff, New Jersey remains a hotspot for relocation – and for good reasons.

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Top Reasons for Relocation

Relocation is a big deal. For most people, it is one of the biggest decisions ever made. You do not just contact New Jersey interstate movers without thinking it through.

  • Professional Opportunities

    In 2018, New Jersey topped in residents’ relocation. Half of the people who moved in the past year did so for a new job or company transfer. If this is our reality, hiring a New Jersey long distant mover can help to ease your moving stress.

  • Population Density

    Jersey is the fourth-smallest state in the US. It also has the highest population density in the entire country! All of New Jersey’s counties are rated as urban. Okay, let us face it. Not everyone enjoys the high-pace of urban life. Are you considering moving to a less populated state? There are several New Jersey interstate moving companies, but you need Independence Van Lines to make your move easier – and at a good price too.

  • Retirement

    It makes sense after working your whole life, to relocate elsewhere to live your golden years. Moving to stay closer to your family is also a valid motivation. Most retirees spend a lot of time worrying about how they will afford their golden years. With the unhealthy air and outrageous price tag that comes with New Jersey, it will come as no surprise if senior citizens move out.

  • Living Expenses

    Truth is the cost of living in New Jersey is high. It ranks among the top 10 most expensive states to live in America. Residents pay excessively for everything from food and housing to health care. It is reasonable to live within your means. If you are looking to move out-of-state, consider a New Jersey long distance mover that will fit within your budget.

  • Taxes

    The state does bring the hammer down heavily on this one. New Jersey is the ninth most tax-burdened state in the country. It tops every other reason for relocation. A favorable tax policy fosters an attractive economic landscape. An individual weighing a decision to relocate might be inclined to choose a state with a relatively lower tax burden.

  • Traffic

    Have you been stuck in traffic in New Jersey? It could be a nightmare! This is mostly because the Garden State is a conduit between NYC and Philadelphia. The intersection of Interstate 95 and Route 4 in Fort Lee is widely called the “second most congested bottleneck in the U.S.

  • Weather

    If you have stayed in New Jersey for a while, you will agree that the weather here is far from tolerable. The weather is always either too hot or too cold. New Jersey has higher humidity than most other states. This makes the air muggy in hot summers and precipitation high in frigid winters. The lower-than-average number of sunny days makes it even more intolerable. Considering more favorable weather?

  • Violent Crimes

    Camden, which is home to 74,000 residents, has consistently been voted one of the most dangerous cities in America. In the year 2016 alone, there were 47 murders in Camden. According to NeighborhoodScout, the chances of New Jersey residents being the victim of a violent crime is 1 in 437. Two of New Jersey cities are on the list of 15 Murder Capitals of America.

The Best Moving Experience is Right Here

If you are planning to move, you will need an efficient New Jersey interstate mover. Hiring a professional mover relieves the stress of packing, moving and unpacking. Moreover, moving from a metropolitan state like New Jersey can be very expensive. You will need a licensed and insured interstate mover that will give you value for your money. Independence Van Lines fits the bill. We are personally invested in your moving experience.

More importantly, certain items require special packing and handling by qualified professional movers. Our combined experience makes us perfect for you. Let our experienced movers take care of the toughest aspects of your interstate relocation. If you have any questions about your next interstate move, call us now!

Are you interested in our interstate moving services? Receive an instant quote from a relocation specialist to find out the exact cost of your move.