Local Moves

When it comes to intrastate/local moving Independence Van Lines takes pride in our ability to offer competitive pricing with our world-class service. With millions of Americans moving every year we dedicate our logistics team to balance local moves into our schedule so we can provide our unbeatable service for your move to another local neighborhood, but still be a priority. Independence Van Lines offers flat rates with our intrastate program, along with a long list of specialty services to help make this transition as smooth as possible. Our services include the labor involved in your relocation. Loading and unloading of your household goods, plus any need for specialty packing for everything ranging from dishes to pool tables.
Allow us to break the stigmatism that a professional move is going to be costly compared to a truck rental. Our flat rate pricing system for local moves allows us to break that theory and handle all of the hardest aspects of moving, all at a price that is extremely competitive to any self-service or truck rental quote. Keep in mind the safety and value of allowing our professionals to handle the labor and picking involved. Also offering a wide variety of storage options, Independence Van Lines will provide you with the best plan for any local move. We have local Independence contractors across the country that are ready to begin your relocation at a moment’s notice. Just contact us for a free quote today and let’s begin planning your future together.

Are you interested in our moving services? Receive a free estimate from our relocation specialists and quickly find out exactly how much it will cost.