Are you considering moving across state lines? This can be an exciting time but if you’re not prepared to execute your relocation properly, it can turn into a nightmare. Everything must be planned accordingly to the last detail for a successful and stress-free move. In this ultimate guide to interstate moving, we will help you plan your big move so you can enjoy the new scenery for years to come. We are committed to making sure that your move is as hassle-free and smooth as possible.

Guide to interstate moving

Create a Plan of Action

The first step you should take consists of creating a master plan so that you’re organized and understanding of the road ahead. As an example, let’s take your budget. What’s the spending limit for your move? How much money are you putting away for your relocation expenses? Are you going to leave the whole relocation to the care of moving professionals, or are you interested in transporting the smaller items via rental truck? Stick with the big plans in this initial brainstorming stage as the details will be ironed out later.

It’s Inventory Time

Now it’s time to take a full inventory of everything you’ll need for your new forever home. Interstate moves are expensive, so it’s best to prioritize the things you must bring with you (think bedroom furniture) and minimize things that you no longer need (like your origami collection from fourth grade).

Sifting through all your stuff can be a challenge in itself, and we recommend a “pack, purge, or donate” approach to make this process easier and more efficient.

Find an Interstate Moving Company

There are a lot of “bad actors” in the moving industry, so it’s important to know what the warning signs are. The United States Government regulates interstate movers to make sure that we operate ethically and in a reputable manner. The most important things to look for are:

  • Motor vehicle insurance, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation
  • A unique U.S. Department of Transportation number that is assigned to movers to track their inspections and reviews

If a moving company is reputable, they should have this information listed on their website (like we do!). Also, it’s a good idea to check moving company reviews on websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other sources.

Your Delivery Schedule

If you’ve never moved between states or long distance, you’re probably imagining all of your things arriving on the same day that you physically relocate but that’s not always the case. It’s standard practice for interstate moving companies to provide customers with a delivery spread of 1 to 14 days between which all of your things will arrive. The more items you have, generally you can expect a longer delivery spread.

Why does this happen? To put it simply, the reason behind this lies in the fact that interstate moving companies often use one truck to ship multiple customer’s stuff (otherwise the pricing would be outrageous).

Shipping Your Vehicle

If you’re moving a really long distance, such as across the country, you may want to safely ship your car to the final destination. Coast to coast auto transportation generally takes one to two weeks. This may require coordination on your end on how you’ll be getting around your new town until your regular ride arrives.

Stick to Your BUDGET

The reality is that long distance moving is expensive so you’ll need to have a solid budget in-place to afford the move. Coast to coast moves can range in pricing between 8 and 14 thousand dollars, and the price drops the closer the relocation is. It’s best to get a free interstate moving quote to see how much exactly your move will cost.

Is Your New Home Move-in Ready?

It’s important to transfer your utilities (water, gas, electric etc) ahead of your move along with essential home services (internet, cable etc) so that you’ll be able to relax at your place after a long day of moving, instead of stressing out about having no running water. Organization and proper planning is the key to a successful move!

Coordinate With Movers

This is crucial for people that are moving across state lines and long distances. You should quadruple check that you’ve exchanged the necessary contact information with your mover. In case there are any issues along the way, you’ll then have quick access to contact the moving company. Also, have then read back the new locations’ address on file to you to make sure once again that it’s correct. You don’t want your stuff brought to the wrong place!

We are the first to admit that long distance moving is complicated, but with an experienced interstate moving company like Independence Van Lines at your side, we’ll make the process as smooth as possible. Contact our moving specialists today to begin planning the big day the right way!

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  1. Afton Jackson
    Afton Jackson says:

    It’s great that you mentioned preparing the new home for the move-in with things like utilities and services. I’ve been so focused on packing that I forgot to consider how big the house I’m moving to actually is and that place will be a lot harder to organize than my current home. Once I find an interstate moving company that will help me, I’ll have someone assist them with my luggage while I visit the new place and get it ready.


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