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When moving to the state of Georgia, it is fun to get familiar with what makes the state famous. Known as the Peach State, Georgia is the country’s top producer of pecans, peanuts, and Vidalia onions (the sweetest onions in the world). Georgia is also sometimes known as the ‘Goober State’ because of all the peanuts they grow. President Jimmy Carter, who was a peanut farmer, was born in Plains, Georgia. With a population of 10,519,475, Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. Stone Mountain in Georgia has a giant carving (3 acres large) of Confederate leaders Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis. Savannah, Georgia, one of the US’s oldest towns, is a beautiful place to visit.

Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia is the largest infantry camp in the world. Coca-Cola was invented in 1886, by John Pemberton, in Atlanta, Georgia, and The Weather Channel’s headquarters is also in Atlanta, Georgia. Gainesville, Georgia is the chicken capital of the world. Georgia borders Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida. Part of the state sits on the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the other bodies of water in Georgia include the Savannah River, Chattahoochee River, Lake Hartwell, and Lake Lanier. Searching for Georgia interstate movers? We are here to help you move to or from the state of Georgia.

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Georgia is also home to Georgia Tech. They once beat Cumberland University 222-0 in a football game and this was the worst defeat in the history of college football. The world’s largest college campus is Berry College in Georgia. Georgia also has several professional sports teams. MLB’s the Atlanta Braves, NFL team the Atlanta Falcons, NBA team the Atlanta Hawks, MLS team the Atlanta United FC, and WNBA team the Atlanta Dream. Georgia was the first state to allow women full property rights, and the first state to allow 18-year-olds to vote.

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Georgia has also produced many famous people. Actor and director Spike Lee, actress Julia Roberts, comedian and actor Jeff Foxworth, and singer, songwriter, and piano player Ray Charles. Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play MLB, and Hulk Hogan, a professional wrestler is also from Georgia.

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